Wheelchair and scooter users collaborate to create a better World

Wheelchair and mobility scooter users tend to go to places we know because we are comfortable the facilities are accessible and we receive good service, don't we? We also tend to use familiar products and services. Please join the International Wheelchair Club where we can share information, knowledge and experiences. We can only benefit by sharing and recommending places, products and services to each other.

What is a Wheelchair?

Basically, a wheeichair is a seat with wheels which can either be pushed by someone, propelled manually by the person sitting in the chair using push rims on the wheels, or by using a battery-powered motor.

Traditionally, a wheelchair has been the international symbol of disability.

Nowadays, many people who would not consider themselves to have a "disability" are using a wheelchair or a mobility scooter, which is very similar, to assist with their mobility in the home and in getting out and about.

Wheelchairs come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours and can bring a lot of pleasure to people as well as being an essential aid to living for many.

Who are Wheelchair Users?

There are many millions of people in the World who benefit from using a wheelchair or mobility scooter to help them get around on a daily basis.

Some people have become successful sports men and women using specially designed wheelchairs to participate in sporting activities appropriate for wheelchair competitors, while others hire or borrow a wheelchair when they go shopping or visit a leisure attraction.

Many people, perhaps as they get a little older, could benefit from using a wheelchair to help them get around if only they realised.

Finally, there are millions of people in underdeveloped countries who desperately need a wheelchair along with a supportive infrastructure to help them cope with mobility on a daily basis.

What is The International Wheelchair Club?

It's uncertain exactly how many wheelchair users there are in the World.

We know it is millions, so the potential for a large number of people joining The International Wheelchair Club and collaborating to make the World better for wheelchair users is enormous.

It's absolutely free to become a member. We need a little information about each member to identify the make-up of the membership (see Join Today for details) and your email address so we can contact you.

Members can only benefit from the information on places, etc provided by other members and we plan to provide offers where you can save money.

Join today and start by telling us about just one place you go regularly as we start to build up a major list of wheelchair accessible places.

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